E-Waste Programs



Commencing in 2008, the WEEE program was developed by WDO in co-operation with OES. The program aims to promote reuse and recycling of electronics and divert them from the solid waste stream.

Through a network of recycling and reuse partners who have met specific standards, 44 electronic products are eligible for diversion from landfills.


Battery Programs


Alkaline Battery Recycling


The Battery Incentive Program was launched in February of 2011 by Stewardship Ontario. Under the program items such batteries generated in Ontario are diverted from the solid waste stream for recycling.


Echo-Tech Recycling


Eco-Tech works with several downstream partners in an effort to re-direct all E-waste for recycling. We accept all WEEE, non-WEEE electronics, scrap metals, including alkaline batteries, and many other special waste generated in Ontario.

  • Lithium polymer batteries – $2.00 per lb recycling fee

  • Lithium batteries – $2.50 per lb recycling fee

  • Wet cell ni-cad batteries – $0.60 per lb recycling fee

  • Dry cell ni-cad batteries – $0.10 per lb recycling fee

  • Air Conditioner units

  • Office chairs – $5.00 per unit recycling fee

  • Folding tables – $5.00 per unit recycling fee

  • Extra-large home appliances: Washers, dryers, fridges, freezers, stoves, dish washers – $10.00 per unit recycling fee

  • Plastic Vacuums – $5.00 per unit recycling fee

  • Metal Vacuums

  • Large home appliances: Microwaves, dehumidifiers, electric heaters, mini bar/wine fridges, power tools, gardening power tools, sump pumps – $0.30 per lb recycling fee

  • Small home appliances: Can openers, toasters, coffee machines, blenders, shavers, hair dryers, air purifiers, humidifiers, fans, lamps, clothes irons, electric grills, small electric ovens, slow cookers – $0.10 per lb recycling fee

  • Auto parts: Brake rotors, tie-rods, alternators, starters, power steering pumps; all oils must be drained – $0.10 per lb recycling fee

  • Headlamps – $0.60 per lb recycling fee

  • Misc items: Ballasts, metal scrap, wires (All types)

  • Smoke detectors – $20.00 per unit recycling fee

  • CFL bulbs – $1.00 per unit recycling fee | $0.50 for 100+ units

  • Incandescent bulbs – $1.00 per unit recycling fee | $0.50 for 100+ units

  • Metal Halide bulbs – $3.00 per unit recycling fee| $2.50 for 100+ units

  • Fluorescent lights – $1.00 per unit (2 foot) | $1.50 per unit (4 foot) | $2.00 per unit (6 foot) | $2.50 per unit (8 foot)

  • Electric lawn mowers – $10.00 per unit recycling fee

  • Solar Panels – $30.00 per unit recycling fee

  • Medical equipment

Advisory: Eco-Tech recommends all data be wiped off all storage devices prior to Recycling such as: Cell phones, hard drives, digital cameras, SD cards, and flash drives. All received storage devices are securely wiped using DoD standards to eliminate data privacy breach. Eco-Tech accepts all OES-WEEE E-wastescrap metals, including alkaline batteries at no cost; however we do apply recycling fees for certain items (Fees shown in list above).

We currently do not accept:

Disclaimer: The links provided are for the sole purpose of assisting consumers in discovering locations that can recycle items responsibly. Eco-Tech Recycling has no official affiliation with the organizations handling the recycling of these items and thus cannot guarantee service.


Waterloo Region



To learn how to properly dispose of items Eco-Tech Waterloo does not accept, please visit the Waterloo Region Recycling Directory.